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Calendar of Events

Contact us to Book us for Doing an Aura & Chakra Woprkshop at your Center or
setting up for the Day or Evening
                                                                   Phone (989) 600-144(five)   JacknSusanLewis@gmail.com

Jan 31st  2015 Great Conjunction Expo - Clarion Inn & Conference Center
Feb 1st                                                            6625 Dean Memorial Parkway
                                                                           Hudson OH
                                                                           Sat. 10am-7pm
                                                                           Sun 10am - 5pm
                                                                           Aura Photos and Chakra Printouts

Feb 7th 2015 - BodyWorks Healing Center
                               819 N. Mill St
                               Plymouth MI
                               Aura Photos and Chakra Printouts
                               Iridology with Natural Health Consultations
                               10 am - 4 pm
                               Please call for an appointment
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